Friday, April 3, 2009

Squares, stars and rectangles

If my friends were in any doubt about just how much of a yarn nerd I truly am, their doubts were dispelled when I arrived in Dublin for the AMI with less drag paraphenalia than your average king and more yarn than you could shake a binder at. (If you're curious google drag kings & binders).

I knit in the back of the car on the way up.

I knit in the back of the car on the way back.

I did, however, manage to down my harmony circulars for long enough to take in the fabulosity that is the Alternative Miss Ireland.

For you dear readers unfamiliar with AMI may I please refer you to my other bloggie Limerick Drag Kings for enlightenment. :)

The fruits of my labours are pictured below.

Issue 105: Multi-Colour Diagonal Striped Square
- Incorporates all the colours of the finished throw

Issue 107 : Garter Stitch with Thin Stripes
- Biscuit yarn background wiht horizonatal stripes of Vanilla, Sky, Mocah, Lavender and Fennel.

Issue 114: Diagonal Garter Stitch & Embossed Leaf
- Worked in garter stitch diagonal by starting at the corner and increasing until broadest point of square, then decreasing. The embossed leaf is created at the beginning and is not at all tricky to do. Looks the business though!

And only now do I notice that the two colourwork squares are back to front.

:face palm:

They still give the gist though.


You remember 'that' blanket?

Well, I thinking out loud, as I am prone to doing (bless my friends much used ears), I hummed and hawwed to my favourite cub about how to proceed. Ever the graphically inclined wunderkind, he suggested (& proceeded to draw) the punk star as a noble addition to the, by now, epic design process of 'that' blanket.

So off I went and took that idea to the drawing board, by which I mean, of course, that I dived right in and cast on. I just happended to have black yarn in my stash (which is now, by the way, the yarny equivalent to Forty Coats & His Fifty Pockets, I'm not quite sure what's in there at this point).

Punk Star - Version 1

Punk Star - Version 2

Seeing the two versions together, methinks I was on the right track with the first version. However, it has sinced been frogged as I was running out of room for increasing. Version 2 is just too.....skinny. This time around I will sit down with excel and actually plot out a knitting chart for myself.


Alternative Baby Blankie Arrangement - Take 1

Alternative Baby Blankie Arrangement - Take 2

I needed to see how I could put these together in order to make, y'know, an actual blanket out of them. I'm happy with arrangement Take 2.


Off on another tangent, I had a gawk at the visitor feed. I love seeing where my readers hail from. Along with Irish locations, which I do love seeing, I spotted:

  • Douglasville, Georgia
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • San Leandro, California
  • Campos, Rio de Janeiro
Hi folks


Again, I love seeing Cork, Dublin and Clare and all other Irish points popping up, but it is lovely to see how connected the craft communities are thanks to the internet.

Call again.

I'll have the welcome mat out.

(the rectangle :D )

Happy crafting folks!


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