Wednesday, May 13, 2009


My chocolate cardi is finished.

Its resemblance to original design?


No resemblance whatsoever and that's fine by me.

It fits and it is snuggly comfy.

Ta Daa!!

Cuff Detail

I'm going to sit with it as it is for a while and at some point I may well add the collar and borders, but for now, it's staying as is.


Happy crafting folks.


Woolly Bits said...

I like the cuff better like this! no knitting police about, so you can wear it the way YOU want to:)) my cardigan (more like a coat) is still not finished - back to the needles.....

craftyrainbowhead said...


Glad you like the cuff too. They suit me better this way. Ribbed cuffs annoy me. They feel restrictive. I love that the cardi is utterly mine.

Best of yarny endeavour with your cardi/coat.