Sunday, May 3, 2009


The sun shone on the journey down to Cork which is always a good thing.

Except, when one of the passengers is my Darling Daughter, who doesn't take the heat well, and thus turned into Lil Miss Kvetch.


Thankfully herself and AD fell asleep for the latter half of the journey.

Below is DD's reaction at the very thought of budging out of her comfy position when we'd reached our destination.


The carpark we landed in was situated between Linc and South Parish Hall and offered up an alternative decorating theme.

Why can't all carparks be this colourful?

I think there should be more spaces where graffiti - in it's thought out and colourful form - is encouraged. It certainly makes for a more colourful urban landscape.

Cool Graffitti

As for knitting progress.....well....there wasn't any.

It was that kinda weekend where the folks around me got more of my attention than my WIP did. That reflects well on them, dontcha think?

Other than sincerely enjoying the company of my loved one's (including my exasperating DD), I also had the edge of a headache to contend with, so that too, may have conspired to keep my WIP in my bag.

Since it was past lunchtime by the time we reached Cork, food was high on our agenda. The Flying Enterprise got our vote and we in turn got really generous portions of food. Yours truly pigged out on the yumminess and for the next several hours could nigh on have been tied to somone's wrist and carried aloft like a balloon. The Bailey's coffee finished me and I was the one nodding off in the car on the way home.

Our friend Minniemouse joined us for lunch and caught us up on her antics since the previous evening. The Cork Women's Fun Weekend was just that for her, despite her jacket being swapped with someone elses, and her wallet going off on an adventure. She excitedly showed us her organic homemade lube and was jazzed to let us know that it's mainly made from linseeds. Betcha didn't know linseeds could be put to such a great use, now did ya? Heh heh. :) SO and I really must stay in Cork for the 26th Cork Women's Fun Weekend. As it is, we're heading down there for the table quiz that kicks off at 4.30p.m., presumably in Loafers.

We managed to squeeze my pigged out self into Loafers for a post-Lunch drink. Cue my DD being swept up in an energetic hug by a blond woman in front of Loafers. Turned out to be a mate from Limerick. My DD does have quite the social life!

The bar was jam packed with folks watching 'The Match'.

I ended up under the telly while the match was in play. Eep! It's quite something to be near the focal point of an energized group of fans whose team are not playing as they feel they should. Wow!

At the end of the match we all spilled out into the beer garden at the back and discovered that we weren't the only ones to have brought kids. Always nice to see other kids at these events.

Of course, once DD's friend had headed off to view an exhibition we were met with that old chestnut "So, can we go home yet?"




Atelier de Soyun said...

Your daughter reminds me of myself as a girl... LOL.
BTW, I love American style Graffitti. So COOL!

craftyrainbowhead said...

Hello grown up Monkey! Heh heh :)

The graffiti is so cool isn't it.

It was a fabulous way of brightening up drab grey blocks.

Thanks for the comment