Friday, May 22, 2009

Knitting history & Craft friendly cafe

I've been home for the last 3 days with my poorly DD.

So what to do?

Knit, clean the kitchen, lug furniture from one room to another and spend a tad more time than usual on Ravelry.

There is a group on Ravelry for fans of Eleanor Roosevelt. She was well known in her day for being a knitter.

Interested by this I duly googled and came across this.

On a different topic, for those of you who haven't had the chance to see it yet, or who are not on Ravelry, here are pictures of the revamped Rainbow Cafe in Leamy house. Rainbow SnB's old haunt is now as colourful as our yarn stashes!


Sammie by Tash

My DD squealed with appreciation when she saw this. Followed by her (slightly less high pitched) verdict of "That's soooooo cool".

The MYLGBT flag

The guy in the photo doing the dishes is Conor a.k.a. fatandfortysomething, fellow volunteer and a member of Rainbow SnB.

I've got a chicken roasting in the oven and a chilled bottle of white wine that's been patiently waiting in the fridge for the last two weeks.

I bid you adieu for a while.

Happy crafting folks.


marian said...

Looks great, really bright and colourfull! Have a lovely weekend.

P.S. I bought another book on knitting, I'm hoping this one will assure me of the virtues of two sticks instead of one :-)

craftyrainbowhead said...

Tis the business, isn't it. :)

I've a crochet book marked (figuratively not literally) for my purchase in Eason's to assure me of the virtues of one hook.

We can spur each other on.

Plus I've finally started perusing the book I won from Stitch'n'Bitch London about Sewing. Tis chock full of stuff. Must show it to you.

Have a great weekend yourself. said...

what a great article! Thank you ;)