Monday, May 11, 2009


...since the last post I've pretty much been in transit between Limerick and Shannon and back again. Therefore, joining of raglans and picking up of stitches took a backseat to spending time with my honey and cruising along in the sunshine.

I wholeheartedly endorse this wilful sidelining of my crafty endeavours in the name of child-free shenanigans.



Does the picture remind anyone else of frosted chocolate cake or iced carrot cake.


It's not just it?

The icing, by the way, is my second attempt at a prayer shawl for a friend whose husband passed away earlier this year. I've decided on a simpler design. It's essentially going to be a garter stitch blanket/shawl. My original idea was really just too fussy.

Plus, to be honest, I had to bring something yarny with me over the weekend. I'm a grown up and can't go relying on my SO to keep me occupied for an entire weekend, now can I?

The fact that the knitting stayed in my satchel more than out of it should, however, speak volumes.


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Anonymous said...

I sooo love your knitting~!