Saturday, May 2, 2009

The sun is out. The sky is blue.

There's not a cloud to spoil the view and the streaming through my window.

The weatherman said clear today, he doesn't know how right he was....

Add musical notation and sing to the tune of Buddy Holly's Raining in My Heart.

Wrong mood entirely, but I love the melody and the it was the first song to pop into my head.

This lovely sight is what I can see through my office window.
Pretty, yes?
Since last I typed:

  • The Old Quarter has won RainbowSnB's affections and is now our yarny haunt for the forseeable future.
  • The mother of all yarn tangles has been transformed into a sprawling stash inventory
  • I broke one of my 3.25mm interchangable needles tips :( Boo!
  • I sourced yarn to continue my choccie cardigan (nearly left it in our hotel room in Waterford, but I digress).
  • There has been progress on my choccie cardigan :)

This is the view on the floor of my sitting room.
Breath-taking, yes?

Progress to 31.04.2009
1st Sleeve finished & 2nd started

Progress on 2nd sleeve to 01.05.2009

This afternoon will see me arrive in Cork with all of my girls - SO, DD and AD (Significant Other, Dear Daughter and Adopted Daughter. Shauna may as well be our adopted daughter as she spends that much time with us).

It's Cork Women's Weekend.


I'm falling back on my genetics to attend this fest of female shenanigans and general good times.

I may well bring my choccie cardi to work on. So if any of my dear readers should happen to spot a boi about Cork town with knitting accoutrements and you've the notion it may be me, come on over and say hi!

Even if tis not me, you'll have made a new acquaintance. Tis all good. Heh heh

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