Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Night in Dublin

She smelled him before she saw him. That mix of cologne, stale cigarettes, beer and man-scent. She gasped as his arms went around her waist and she could feel his hot breath on the back of her neck.

She had known he would follow her. They made eye contact in the bar; this tall, dark Irishman with the burning eyes.

“It’s dangerous for a woman to be standing out here alone, at night,” he growled in her ear.

When she entered Buskers Bar & Boomerang Night Club, after a day at the Dublin Writers Festival, it was filled with boisterous men screaming their support for their favorite team. Large-screen televisions glowed with athletic action. This was probably not a place for a lone woman to enter, but it was convenient and she was craving a beer.

She traveled here on her own to explore the home of James Joyce, to bask in the literature of the festival and to lose herself in the Irish culture. Her friends thought she was insane for traveling alone to a country she had never been, but she didn’t care. She had always welcomed the excitement of the unknown.

She thought the bar would be a safe choice, located where she stayed, at the Temple Bar Hotel. For the most part, her quiet entrance went unnoticed, except for the man with the dark, burning eyes. She felt his eyes on her from the moment the door closed behind her.

She went straight to the bar and ordered a dark ale. The strong liquid immediately warmed her. As she turned around to look over the crowded room, she saw him staring at her. The warmth she felt quickly turned to heat.

She blushed, turned back to the bar, and downed her ale a little too fast. It was probably not the smartest thing to do, on an empty stomach. As soon as she set the empty mug on the bar, a second ale was placed in front of her.

“Excuse me, but I didn’t order another one.”

“S-okay miss, the gentleman took care of it.”

She knew exactly where to look. He stared at her from the corner of the bar, and raised his glass in a salute. His face was serious and there was no indication of friendliness, just a smoldering look.

She returned his salute and tried to look away, but she couldn’t. She expected him to move towards her, but he didn’t. His eyes held hers – not relinquishing their hold. Her hand shook as she raised her mug to her lips. He raised his at the same time. When she lowered hers, he did too, slowly licking his lips afterwards.

The heat she felt deep inside her increased. She felt herself grow wet. No, this was wrong. She needed to escape.

She finished her ale, turned, and blindly headed for the door. She didn’t look back – she didn’t dare. Bursting through the door, the night air slapped her face, and she felt the alcohol rush run through her.

‘Walk – I need to walk,’ she thought, trying to escape the inexplicable feelings that were stirring inside her.

It was a short couple of blocks to the river. The lights from buildings on the other side caused rippled reflections. It was quiet as she stood at the railing. She needed this time to calm down. But still, she waited, wondering.

His arms pulled her closer, molding his body against hers. His lips touched her neck, behind her ear. She did not fight him as she felt his hardness push into her ass. What was the point? She wanted this.

She leaned back against him, raising and tilting her head as he continued kissing her neck, nibbling her earlobe. Her hands rested on his arms. Her body felt hot, yet she had goose bumps. There was a need building in her that screamed to be met, and it scared her.

He turned her in his arms, pulling her close. Her breasts were crushed against him. His mouth came down on hers, devouring it. She answered his kiss with a passion that surprised him. She needed this. She needed him.

His hands clenched her hair as he held her face to his. Her hands went around his waist, trying to pull him closer. She ground herself against him. It was then he knew for certain, and tore himself away from her.

“You’re coming with me,” was all he said, as he reached for her hand.

She found herself running behind this tall, dark stranger. His grip was vice-like. He was not going to lose her. One time, she stumbled, and he quickly turned and caught her in his arms. A quick flicker of concern appeared on his face, but it was gone as quickly as it arrived. Certain she was fine he turned to lead her again.

She had no idea where she was, or how far they had gone, weaving up and down the Dublin streets, but they soon found themselves in a doorway. He made quick work of the lock, opened the door and led her through.

Once inside, he pushed her against the wall, kissing her deeply. His tongue invaded her mouth, as he possessed her. He broke the kiss and led her upstairs to an apartment. Once inside he wasted no time.

As he removed her jacket, she tore at his shirt. He lifted her sweater over her head, and her hands went to the buttons on his pants. The movements were desperate, urgent. In just a minute, she stood before him, wearing nothing but her bra and panties. He stood before her, wearing nothing but his hard, uncut cock.

She tried to calm her breathing as her chest heaved. Her nipples were hard with excitement and they strained against her lace bra. He looked down at her lace-covered mound. He could smell her desire. He stepped forward, one arm went around her waist, the other dropped and his hand went between her legs. She moaned as he rubbed her up and down. It was just as he thought, she was already wet. Her arms went to his shoulders, steadying herself.

He brought his lips back to hers in a hungry kiss, and began to walk her backwards, through the door, into the bedroom. Back, back until they reached his bed. He took his hands and placed them on her shoulders, guiding her to sit on the edge of his bed, her face now level with his cock.

“Suck me,” he commanded.

She took to his cock as hungrily as a newborn animal takes to its mother’s teat. With one motion, she took him deep into her throat. Christ, he hadn’t expected that. All eight inches were held by her mouth, very tightly. It was she who finally backed off and released him. And then, she began.

She gave him long, firm licks, up and down his shaft. Each time she reached the head, she pressed her lips around him, easing his foreskin down and bringing the sensitive head into her hot mouth. He shuddered and placed his hands on her head, just running his fingers through her hair.

He wasn’t sure how long he would last, when she released him from her mouth and took him in her hand. She raised his cock, stroking him up and down, while moving to his balls. She immediately sucked both of them into her mouth. He opened his legs to give her better access. She sucked and rolled them while her hand continued its movements. He eyes closed and he began to lose himself in this pleasure, as the minutes ticked by.

He felt the cool air of the room on his balls, before he realized she had released them. He looked down to see her put her fingers in her mouth, thoroughly wetting them. She smiled and went back to his balls, but this time there was a difference.

As she stroked his cock and sucked his balls he felt her slide her other hand through his legs. She ran her wet fingers up and down his crack, working their way in. He felt a gentle, but firm pressure at his sphincter. At that moment she stroked his cock harder, rolled his balls in her mouth and pressed a finger into his ass.

“Jesus, woman!” he cried out.

His control had been removed. Stroking his cock, sucking his balls and now fucking his ass with her finger, this woman became his Mistress, and he, her slave. More and more, the pleasure was building, as she pushed a second finger in. His hands grabbed at her hair, not meaning to, but pulling at it.

She sensed a change in him, and felt his balls tense. She knew his juices were beginning to boil. She took his cock in her mouth once more, put her hand on his balls and drove her fingers in to press on his prostate.


His reaction was almost immediate. He howled as he forced his cock deep into her throat, firing his seed into her stomach. Never-ending spurts were urged more and more by the pressure she put on his gland, and her squeezing his balls.

She swallowed every drop greedily, emptying his cock. His hands released her head and his cock softened in her mouth. She let go of his balls, and removed her fingers from his ass. While she very gently licked him clean, she moved her hand down her belly and began to rub herself through her panties.

She curled her tongue around his cock, cleaning every inch. He looked down as this woman intently catered to him. He had just cum and yet, he felt urges rising in him again. What was she, a witch?

He put his hands on her arms and urged her to stand. He placed his hand under her chin and tilted her head up and kissed the mouth that had just brought him such pleasure, tasting himself as he pushed in his tongue.

She felt her body melt against his. She also felt her own juices seep from inside her. When they broke the kiss, she looked in his eyes. They weren’t black, but a deep ocean blue. She brushed his black hair out of his eyes. The two were silent.

His hands went to her back and unclasped her bra. Her ample breasts dropped as he slid the straps down her arms and dropped the bra on the floor. He stepped back and looked at the beautiful white globes and their very prominent, hard, pink nipples. He placed a hand underneath each, as if weighing them, and then bent to capture one in his mouth.

Her hands went to his head, holding him closer.

“Harder,” she demanded.

‘Oh,’ he thought, ‘she likes it a bit rough.’

His arms held her body tight as he gnawed at her nipple. In a series of licks, sucks and bites, he had her moaning and trembling. He turned his attentions to her other breast and was rewarded with the same reaction.

“Please…” she whispered in a husky voice.

He released her breast. He had the smile of the devil as he moved her back and laid her on the bed. He hooked his fingers in her panties and pulled them down and off her. Her smell saturated the air and made his need to taste her undeniable. He spread her legs and saw her hair was visibly wet.

He moved to kneel between her legs and ran his finger over her slit, parting the hair. She trembled at his touch. He opened her with his thumbs and leaned his face into her. Her clit was hard and red, aching to be touched. He blew his hot breath over her, and she moaned.

She tasted sweet as he ran his tongue up her slit, stopping before he got to her clit. He ran his tongue again, this time diving into her hot, quivering hole, to lap up more of her nectar. Her hips were writhing, anxious for him to explore all of her.

He knew what she wanted, but he toyed with her. He pressed his tongue in and out of her like a small cock. Her hips kept moving trying to force his tongue elsewhere.

“For God’s sake, please…” she begged.

That was all he wanted. He wanted her to beg. He dove straight at her clit and sucked it into his mouth. Her cry was music to his ears. He pressed his teeth above it and pressed her clit into them with his tongue. Hard on one side, soft on the other – her mind registered confusion, pleasure and pain.

Sucking, nipping, licking her clit, he curled his two middle fingers up and thrust them inside her. She started to fuck herself on his hand at a fast pace. Her head rolled back and forth as mewing sounds came from her throat.

He massaged her g-spot with vigor and sucked her clit hard. Her back arched, her legs tensed and she cried out. Quickly, he pulled his fingers from her and stuck his tongue in deep. He was greeted by her flowing juices, and he drank from her.

He kept drinking from her hole, gently rubbing her very sensitive clit. He was amazed at how hard and how long she came. As he slowed his movements she began to calm.

He rose up and lay on top of her, cupping her face in his hands. He tenderly covered her face with kisses, finally ending at her mouth. His kiss was deep and penetrating. The pair smelled and tasted themselves on each other. He rolled off of her, gathering her in his arms. She rested her head on his chest, listening to the beat of his heart. Exhausted, they dozed.

The smell of smoke and the strong scent of sex woke her. His cigarette glowed in the darkness, as he sat in the chair, watching her sleep. She smiled as she looked at him. Her hair was tousled and her lips looked soft and full.

She sat up and stretched her arms over her head. The movement lifted her large breasts out from under the blanket, and his cock reacted immediately to the sight.

Dousing his cigarette, he walked to the bed and pulled the blanket away from her body.

“Woman, you have bewitched me,” he whispered hoarsely.

She looked at him and smiled again. Her hand reached out to his cock and she began to stroke it. He moaned as it grew.

Without ceremony, he reached for her and rolled her onto her belly. He lifted her ass and began probing her pussy with the cock she had stroked to hardness. She was still drenched, but she was also well on her way to fresh wetness.

As he held the tip of his cock to her hot hole, she backed into him, desperate to have him inside her. He played with her, sliding in an inch, then out, then two inches, then out. It was agonizingly slow. It took all his strength not to ram his meat into her with each re-entering. Her pussy seemed to grab him tighter, and tried to pull him in.

Finally, he could take no more. He firmly moved his length into her and then held still. She felt deliciously full of him, and could feel his cock pulse inside her.

His moves were slow and deliberate, as he began a steady action of in and out, in and out. He enjoyed the feeling of the hot wetness that wrapped his cock. He enjoyed the way her body tried, over and over, to pull him in.

She moaned with each entry. She tried to back up and force him in deeper, faster, but his hands that gripped her hips held fast. He was in control and he intended to stay that way.

“Damn it, I need you to fuck me!” she hissed.

“Patience, woman, patience.”

Frustrated, she tried to pull away from him, but still he held tight. He started moving a little faster, but with the same deliberate in and out motion. He knew deep down she wanted it harder, rougher, but he was so enjoying making her sweat.

On and on, in and out, he loved the feel of her pussy stroking his cock. He looked down to watch as he slid in and out of her. He spread her ass cheeks and his eyes were drawn to her red rosebud. He smiled and then spit on her, hitting his target.

Still moving, he placed his middle finger on her back hole, and spread his spittle around. As his cock pulled back, he pushed his finger into her. She groaned when she felt the invasion. As his cock pushed in, he drew his finger out, leaving just the tip of it inside her. Thus began the see-sawing motion of cock and finger.

He kept up this deliberate pace, listening to her moans of pleasure. But now it was he who needed more. The effort of his next thrust surprised her. She cried out as he rammed his cock in. At the same time, as his finger began its thrust, he placed a second finger inside her. She had never felt so full.

His thrusts were manic, his fingers relentless. Her head and arms rested on the bed, as she reached back under her belly and began to rub her clit. He could feel the walls of her pussy contracting on his cock as a deep wail tore from her.

She drove herself back against him, her body craving release. She moved away from her clit as her spasms started, her body went rigid, every muscle as tight as a violin string. She threw her head up and screamed.

He drove his cock and fingers in as far as they would go. He saw white lights as he exploded once more. Pushing, pushing, and making her accept all his body would give. Their juices combining, leaking down her legs, spilling over his balls. His hand leaving red marks on her hip as he gripped her tight, his other hand trapped by her anus.

They rocked together until they had drained each other completely. He collapsed on her back, kissing her neck and biting her shoulder.

They rolled apart, and then came together their lips hungrily searching out the others. They stayed like that for a long time – holding, petting, kissing, and enjoying the sensuality of the night.

“I really need to shower and get back to my hotel,” she said.

He stood up, offering his hand, and leading her into the bathroom. His eyes moved up and down her body, and she felt her resolve waning.

“No, please, let me shower. I have to leave.”

So, he left her, and returned to the bedroom. He put on his pants and grabbed a sweater, preferring to keep the smell of her with him for a while. He found her clothes and set them on the bed, except her panties. He sat in his chair, lit a cigarette, and held them under his nose. He never tired of a woman’s natural perfume.

She came into the bedroom, wrapped in a towel, her hair in wet tendrils. She smiled as he held her panties. She walked over to collect them from him and he pulled her into his lap. He cradled her in his arms, kissing her deeply, starting to play with her towel.

“No, I really can’t. As much as I want to, I need to sleep. I have a long day, tomorrow.”

“So be it”, he said releasing her.

He watched her dress, realizing that underneath her gentle ways, a slut was hiding.

“Could you call me a cab so I can get back to the Temple Bar Hotel?”

“It’s not far. I’ll walk you.”

The streets of Dublin were quiet in the wee hours of the morning. They walked with his arm over her shoulders in a protective fashion. She was surprised at how near the hotel they were.

As they approached the main entrance, he pulled her aside and drew her into his arms. He kissed her deeply, longingly, until he felt her arms go around his neck, and she returned his kiss. He buried his face in her neck and just held her.

It was she who stepped out of the embrace. She held his face and kissed his lips.

“I need to go in now. Thank you.” She said breathlessly, as she turned to leave.

“But miss, I don’t know your name,” he said.

As she walked to the door she looked back, smiled, and said, “It doesn’t matter.”

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Knit & Vroom : WWKIP & RRRO

It really is amazingly tough to find male bikers confident enough in their masculinity to pose with my knitting. Just to pose with it. Not knit it. A guy I've known 9 years nigh on went white at the thought of appearing on this lil ole blog. What if folks thought he actually knit!!!!!

Gadzooks! Egads! That would just be AWFUL!!!

:rolls eyes:


I think there's something really attractive about a guy who's comfy enough to pose with knitting. Now give me a guy who can actually knit. That would be well cool :) Hand eye co-ordination, manual dexterity and patience in one masculine package. Hello! I'd date more guys if there were more guys like that.

Oh well.

I did however find a few game souls to pose with my WIP in honour of merging Red Ribbon Ride Out with World Wide Knit in Public Day.

Tom & borrowed motorbike

Billie Redbeard :)

(L-R) Kate, Tim & Billie

Loving the look on Billie's face. Mwah ha ha. She's never pulled knitting out of a helmet before.
Thanks guys.

Once the bikes vroomed off I made my way to the White House for some KIP, followed by Fennesseys.

All in all a good day.

A La Yarnharlot :)

Happy crafting folks

Friday, June 12, 2009

New WIP for latest kid on the Mayo block

Words later. Got to head for bus to Clonmel now. Baking on public transport here I come!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cross-posted: 13th June 2009 Red Ribbon Ride Out

Reposted from one of the organisers Bebo page:

Hi Everyone,

The Irish AIDS Day Ride Out is back due to popular demand!!

This year it is slightly different.....we do not require sponsorship for you to ride with us!! YEH!!

It's just slap a €20 on the table and away you go!!

We are riding the coast again, and stopping for lunch on the way.

Meeting in Bedford Row at 11.30 to hang around and look cool, make noise and attract onlookers (and possibly other riders)!!

Leaving for the run at 2pm sharp.

We will be accompanied as always by the Red Cross, The Irish Motorcycle Marshalls and the Guards.

So if you want more infromation about how you can get to be waved through red lights and make a huge noise all in the name of charity contact John Simons (event organiser) on 061314354 or John (at) redribbonproject (dot) com.

Hope to see you all there,

Keep it between the ditches and rubber side down!!


I know it conflicts (or coincides depending on your view) with WWKIP day, but I figure it would make for a great photo opportunity to bring one's WIP on WWKIP to RRRO.

(Sorry, I couldn't resist playing with the alphabet soup :snigger:).

In plainer English that would be bring your work in progress to the Ride Out and help raise awareness of our crafts and of the day's cause. Maybe you could be sponsored to knit or crochet a certain amount before the riders make it to their finish point.

Plus, I'll be there and I'd love to meet some other crafty souls.

This boi has had the pleasure of joining the Red Ribbon Ride Out in previous years as a passenger. The bikers are a brilliant bunch of people coming together for a great cause. If ya like bikes this really is the place to be, even if you don't have or can't bring your own. If you're like me, you may even find that a rider might have a spare helmet and be willing to take a passenger. :) Ya never know.

Turn up, cheer 'em on and slap some money on the table as a donation (even if it is 50cent).

Happy crafting folks.

Est voila, c'est fin! Bedazzling UFO now an FO

It needs a wash in order to settle down the stitches but other than that DD seems pleased with this eye zinging bolero.

I'm quite pleased that I finally got it finished.

Happy crafting folks.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bedazzling UFO - don your shades

Not for those with sensitive eyes. Heh heh.

DD picked the colourway an age ago.

I cast it on an age ago.

I got to a part where I needed to sit down and concentrate.........and cast on a new project to take with me on my work commute.

Now that I'm taking the summer off in anticipation of being a full-time student and to give DD the novelty of a summer where she doesn't 'have' to go to summer camp, I now have the inclination - and scads of time - to get around to finishing of my UnFinished Objects.

I've got both sleeves and the back done.

I currently working on the left front.

Tis about time I made my child some knitwear. Poor pet. Folks think she must be bedecked with knitwear but......um......no. She's grown like a weed for the last several years. Needles and yarn are woefully ill-equipped to keep pace with such a rate of growth. Plus, I knit far more now. Still, there is that rule that states what a parent thinks is cool/cute/good invokes momumental eye rolling bested only by members of the Simpson family.

My parental ego can only take so much.

Still, she shall be gifted with more knitted articles. Most likely bags, blankets, clothes for dolls and jewellery.

I figure it can go one of two ways. Either she gets brassed off at my inability to choose cool colours and will pick up sticks and yarn herself to customise her own stuff (oh happy day!!) or I'll have commissions up the wazoo for co-ordinated accessories for her and her friends.

Time will tell.

Heh heh.

Happy crafting folks.

Monday, June 8, 2009

A tad late but howsever......

I meant to post this after getting back from Cork Pride but better late than never. :)

Corkonian Michael James with Pride Scarf

Those of you who read both this and my Limerick Drag Kings blog know that I'm a drag king. My character is a goof ball cowboy who delights in wearing his handknit pride scarf on any occassion and can be seen snapping photos at key LGBTQ events where a dash of colour and cowboi-foolery add to the fun.

Chase N. Koch-Rayne & Madonna Lucia
Check out the leather coat. The madness!

Discussing Textile Decoration with fellow SnB member Fatandfortysomething

Cork Pride was one such event and the iconic handknit pride scarf was brought along (having learned from nearly melting with the heat of last years Limerick Pride, this cowboi knows better than to wear leather & knitwear while marching).

The result - Drag king Meltdown

Anyhow, as this cowboi was dashing back and forth along the parade route snapping as much of the colour as possible, lil dude Michael James sallied forth his cry of "Are you a cowboy?". Well, gosh, how can any self-respectin' cowpoke not halt his dash, turn about face and declare "Yes siree, ah sure am lil pardner". The lil dudes father (?) encouraged the boy to pose for the photo, not get ice cream on the cowboy's scarf and thanked the cowboi for coming over the say howdy.



Cork rawks.


DD & Sunshine Prayer Shawl
This pic was taken while we were in Dublin. The weather, for those of you not in our emerald isle, decided to surprise us with scads of rain. Yes folks, us Irish can indeed be surprised by rain after more than a solid week of sunshine.

After baking for a week we anticipated more of the same and ventured forth prepared for dehydration and mild sunstroke. I had even had to buy lighter shoes as I'd been roasting in my new sneakers over the previous week. I was even wearing ankle socks. This just does not happen!! Ankle socks and me are virtual strangers to each other.

The sun stayed with us while we ventured up to Dublin and twas a glorious evening on Friday as DD bounced between the beds in our family room and tested every piece of furniture placed in the hotel foyer leading from our room to the restaurant. The sun still valiantly shone as she squealed with joy (oh my ringing ears) at the prospect of swimming in the hotel pool.

The view out the window the next morning was dank, grey and stereotypically Irish (more's the pity). So the best was made and there was much swimming indulged in by DD. She had the pool to herself for the best of an hour and then only had less than a handful of folks to share it with after that.

Later in the afternoon, DD & I found ourselves waiting in the car for a while. It got a tad nippy. I was working on the Sunshine Prayer Shawl so DD asked in her best I'm-still-only-little (even thought I'm nearly 5 feet tall) voice for it. With it still on the circular needle and still a work in progress she snuggled herself under it and had a grand lil snooze for herself. She has since commissioned one for herself.

It's only when I took this photo that I realised that it's reminiscent of a certain super hero.
Any guesses as to which superhero I'm thinking about??

Not a square not a triangle

Perfect for around the shoulders or over the back of a chair imho

Now it's been cast off and the ends sewn in. It's ready to be laundered and conditioned before gifting to it's intended recipient.

At least I know it's snuggly. :)

Happy crafting folks.