Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bedazzling UFO - don your shades

Not for those with sensitive eyes. Heh heh.

DD picked the colourway an age ago.

I cast it on an age ago.

I got to a part where I needed to sit down and concentrate.........and cast on a new project to take with me on my work commute.

Now that I'm taking the summer off in anticipation of being a full-time student and to give DD the novelty of a summer where she doesn't 'have' to go to summer camp, I now have the inclination - and scads of time - to get around to finishing of my UnFinished Objects.

I've got both sleeves and the back done.

I currently working on the left front.

Tis about time I made my child some knitwear. Poor pet. Folks think she must be bedecked with knitwear She's grown like a weed for the last several years. Needles and yarn are woefully ill-equipped to keep pace with such a rate of growth. Plus, I knit far more now. Still, there is that rule that states what a parent thinks is cool/cute/good invokes momumental eye rolling bested only by members of the Simpson family.

My parental ego can only take so much.

Still, she shall be gifted with more knitted articles. Most likely bags, blankets, clothes for dolls and jewellery.

I figure it can go one of two ways. Either she gets brassed off at my inability to choose cool colours and will pick up sticks and yarn herself to customise her own stuff (oh happy day!!) or I'll have commissions up the wazoo for co-ordinated accessories for her and her friends.

Time will tell.

Heh heh.

Happy crafting folks.

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