Monday, June 8, 2009


DD & Sunshine Prayer Shawl
This pic was taken while we were in Dublin. The weather, for those of you not in our emerald isle, decided to surprise us with scads of rain. Yes folks, us Irish can indeed be surprised by rain after more than a solid week of sunshine.

After baking for a week we anticipated more of the same and ventured forth prepared for dehydration and mild sunstroke. I had even had to buy lighter shoes as I'd been roasting in my new sneakers over the previous week. I was even wearing ankle socks. This just does not happen!! Ankle socks and me are virtual strangers to each other.

The sun stayed with us while we ventured up to Dublin and twas a glorious evening on Friday as DD bounced between the beds in our family room and tested every piece of furniture placed in the hotel foyer leading from our room to the restaurant. The sun still valiantly shone as she squealed with joy (oh my ringing ears) at the prospect of swimming in the hotel pool.

The view out the window the next morning was dank, grey and stereotypically Irish (more's the pity). So the best was made and there was much swimming indulged in by DD. She had the pool to herself for the best of an hour and then only had less than a handful of folks to share it with after that.

Later in the afternoon, DD & I found ourselves waiting in the car for a while. It got a tad nippy. I was working on the Sunshine Prayer Shawl so DD asked in her best I'm-still-only-little (even thought I'm nearly 5 feet tall) voice for it. With it still on the circular needle and still a work in progress she snuggled herself under it and had a grand lil snooze for herself. She has since commissioned one for herself.

It's only when I took this photo that I realised that it's reminiscent of a certain super hero.
Any guesses as to which superhero I'm thinking about??

Not a square not a triangle

Perfect for around the shoulders or over the back of a chair imho

Now it's been cast off and the ends sewn in. It's ready to be laundered and conditioned before gifting to it's intended recipient.

At least I know it's snuggly. :)

Happy crafting folks.

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