Monday, June 8, 2009

A tad late but howsever......

I meant to post this after getting back from Cork Pride but better late than never. :)

Corkonian Michael James with Pride Scarf

Those of you who read both this and my Limerick Drag Kings blog know that I'm a drag king. My character is a goof ball cowboy who delights in wearing his handknit pride scarf on any occassion and can be seen snapping photos at key LGBTQ events where a dash of colour and cowboi-foolery add to the fun.

Chase N. Koch-Rayne & Madonna Lucia
Check out the leather coat. The madness!

Discussing Textile Decoration with fellow SnB member Fatandfortysomething

Cork Pride was one such event and the iconic handknit pride scarf was brought along (having learned from nearly melting with the heat of last years Limerick Pride, this cowboi knows better than to wear leather & knitwear while marching).

The result - Drag king Meltdown

Anyhow, as this cowboi was dashing back and forth along the parade route snapping as much of the colour as possible, lil dude Michael James sallied forth his cry of "Are you a cowboy?". Well, gosh, how can any self-respectin' cowpoke not halt his dash, turn about face and declare "Yes siree, ah sure am lil pardner". The lil dudes father (?) encouraged the boy to pose for the photo, not get ice cream on the cowboy's scarf and thanked the cowboi for coming over the say howdy.



Cork rawks.

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