Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Reposted cos it sounds interesting - A call for Dublin Knitters

I receive regular update e-mails from the Irish Stitch'n'Bitch Yahoo group. This is one of them. I've just yoinked it in it's entirety and haven't (yet) checked the links.

I do love the term guerilla knitting. What a clash of images! :)


We are Amie and Sarah and this is a call for all avid knitters in
Dublin city.

We are Art Students who dabble in sculpture from time to time and we
are involved in a Community Placement programme in Dublin's own
This is what CREATE is about
http://www.create- ireland.ie/ about-us/ who-we-are. html
<http://www.create- ireland.ie/ about-us/ who-we-are. html>
and this is what our Placement Programme is about
<http://www.create- ireland.ie/ learning- development/ placement- programmes. \
<http://www.create- ireland.ie/ learning- development/ placement- programmes. \
//www.create- ireland.ie/ learning- development/ placement- programmes. html
<http://www.create- ireland.ie/ learning- development/ placement- programmes. \
This year is unique in that our Community base has been extended and
we are now able to approach communities that may have interests
similar to our own.
The programme is 6 weeks long, and at the end this there is an
exhibition in The LAB on Foley St:
http://www.dublinci ty.ie/Recreation andCulture/ ArtsandFacilitie s/pages/th\
elabfoleystreet. aspx.
<http://http: //www.dublincity .ie/Recreationan dCulture/ ArtsandFacilitie s/\
pages/thelabfoleyst reet.aspx.>
The exhibition is titled 'From Context to Exhibition'.

We would love to work with a group of people who knit and also to talk
about knitting and the city and lots of other silly things.
Our research has lead us to the idea of guerilla knitting so far, but
everything that we propose to do with a group is up for debate and
So if you would like to get involved in a different type of knitting
we would really like to meet you!

So WHAT is guerrilla knitting?
Well most graffiti is a type of guerrilla attack on the city and its
walls and pavements, think of guerrilla knitting as a gentler and more
subtle form of graffiti...
Here are a few examples as a picture is often worth a thousand words:

Knitta: http://knittaplease .com/KNITTA_ PLEASE.html
<http://knittaplease .com/KNITTA_ PLEASE.html% 20>
(wrapping of the city, there are some really great photos on their
flickr group
http://flickr. com/photos/ knittaplease
<http://flickr. com/photos/ knittaplease> )

Cast Off: http://www.castoff. info/ <http://www.castoff. info/>
http://www.castoff. info/press/ pages/indie_ review_23- 3-04.html
(these guys used to meet up on the circle line on the tube in london
to knit!)

Marianne Jørgensen: http://www.marianne art.dk/
<http://www.marianne art.dk/> (image) (political but

Denise Litchfield:
http://www.smh. com.au/news/ entertainment/ arts/graffiti- artist-spins- a-ne\
w-kind-of-yarn/ 2009/01/13/ 1231608708374. html
<http://www.smh. com.au/news/ entertainment/ arts/graffiti- artist-spins- a-n\
ew-kind-of-yarn/ 2009/01/13/ 1231608708374. html>

Maskerade :http://maskerade. blogsome. com/
<http://maskerade. blogsome. com/> (just plain fun)

We plan to have a venue in the city centre one morning/evening a week
for a few chatty hours of fun and knitting. This will only be until
the end of March, so it could be a nice way to break in the Spring!!
If you like the idea of doing something new and fun with your skills
then please email cailin.glas@ gmail.com (which is Amie's address)

The location and time will be decided when we get some responses
as we would like it to suit as many people as possible.
We want to get an idea of how many people would be up for it, so if
you are even remotely interested could you get back to us before
(Friday as in the 20th of February)

Thanks for taking the time to read up on guerrilla knitting we hope it
made you ponder on the marvels of knitting and smile at the same time.
Looking forward to knitting with you.

Amie and Sarah.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Nenagh Knit'N'Natter

The days are becoming milder and the daylight is lingering ever so slightly longer before giving way to night.

Might we start making plans to attend our beloved yarn gatherings again without having to swear the post carriers oath through rain, sleet, snow and gloom of night?

I'm really hoping so. :)

Since the weather seems to be improving I thought I'd take another crack at setting up a Knit'N'Knatter in Nenagh, using the Abbott's Bar in the Abbey Court as our venue.

Who's with me?

What night suits folks?

What time suits folks?

Please add a comment (comments are always welcome in any case :) ) letting me know or drop a line to craftyrainbowhead @ gmail dot com.

I want to hear from all the yarnistas out there!

In the mean time, as always, happy crafting folks.


Refer back here to see my last post about this.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Progress thus far :)

The Antler Scarf is coming along nicely

You, of course, remember my last foray into the Aladdin's cave which is Lena's, whereupon I emerged blinking into the daylight with many yarny purchases and a lighter wallet (I paid by Laser so that part is purely figurative). The Tivoli Drift variegated yarn below was among those purchases. Alighted upon with zeal by my blond bombshell.

Tivoli Drift DK

Aforementioned bombshell gave due consideration to what she would like her yarn choice made into and decided on a bolero - not any old bolero mind you, but one with curving fronts which (and she used her hands to demonstrate, in case my increasing years may have hampered my imaginative & cognitive abilities). Not straight. C-u-r-v-i-n-g.

O-k-a-y. Message received and understood. (Harumph)

Anyhow, I searched ALL my knitting magazines.

Let me point out that I have MANY knitting magazines at this point. So much so that they may require the purchase of additional office furniture.

Alas, all that page turning was to no avail (other than turning up more projects to place in my ever increasing queue).

I was beginning to create a pitch aimed at darling bombshell to guide her in the direction of other nifty designs.....it wasn't necessary however, as........


My pattern hunting was a success!!

Yesterday, shortly before Lena's closed for the day, I scooted in and had a quick scan of their assorted patterns. I was nigh on close to giving up hope and about to indulge in wistful luxury yarn admiration when I happened upon the pattern below.

Pattern 6535 Ages 4 - 14 Elle Monet Bolero Code 05.1941

I worried a tad that I may have had more than a challenge on my hands with the combination of this yarn with this pattern. The Tivoli Drift is a neatly spun double knitting yarn which is generally knit up with 4mm to 4.5mm needles, depending on tension required. Elle Monet, the yarn this pattern supports, is a slubby yarn. It doesn't look neat. It looks like there's been an explosion of multi-coloured cotton yarn around the core thread. It's a lovely yarn. I've used it before to knit up a scarf. The question was would my yarn and the pattern play nicely together.

I had a think.

After exercising my noodle and envisioning the end result I thought the best thing to do was proceed with the instructions given, using the suggested needle size given in the pattern of 6mm. I figured the worst it would do would create a really open fabric that would be more decorative than practical. Given my bombshells fashion sense and love of layering, I figured this outcome would be just fine.


Ka - Ching!

It's knitting up beautifully and will actually fit its intended recipient and not just one of her dolls.

Colour me all aglow with contented achievement.

Heh heh...bombshells response to my suggestion to just buy Elle Monet yarn and find another use for the Drift was met with

"But you'll love the challenge."


My child doth know me too well methinks.

Happy crafting folks.

(and no I'm not going to refer to a certain Hallmark day).

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Coptic Textiles

For those in the know, you know you'll want to go to this.

For those of you baffled but curious it's a nicely different way to spend some time and learn about something new.

There is going to be a talk on Coptic Textiles in the Hunt Museum in Limerick on May 12th 2009.

Sounds like an interesting way to spend some time, and since I came across this on Ravelry, it sounds like a cool opportunity to meet some other craft nerds too. :)

(Thank you Stitchlily).

Ravelry is like Facebook for yarn nerds by the way.

It's quite accurately described as a time suck due to the photographs of yummy yarns and delicious projects uploaded by the Ravellers.

Eh...I have noticed that yarn and food seem to go together, at least when descriptors are used....yummy, delicious etc. I've found myself doing that quite a bit. I generally only notice when I read back over a post. I wonder does it have to do with the overlapping sensory stimuli involved. That certain colours remind us of food, or that food is linked so strongly with comfort in our cultures.

Hmmmmm......feeling all philosophical now.

Time for a cuppa!


The fuzzy article below is meant to be crystal clear & show the best of modern 35mm digital photography.


Didn't realise it was clear as the view without my specs until after I'd uploaded it.

Still, it does show that my Antler Scarf is now at least twice the length it was since the last post it featured in.

That's nay bad.

Antler Scarf

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Multi-tasker that I am.....

I've added another project to my current rotation of WIP's.

Behold the Antlers Scarf by Micha P. Dammeyer.

Antlers Scarf by Micha P. Dammeyer
From Debbie Stoller's book "Son of Stitch'n'Bitch"

Textured Cabling Detail

I'm liking the way that it's coming together and while it looks complicated it's easy to get a handle on the cabling after a few repeats.

The yarn I chose is Sirdar Baby Snuggly double knitting. Tis gorgeously soft to work with. The best thing of all is that this is a portable project. My other WIP is the sunshine blanket which is WAY too big to be working on while on the bus.

That's pretty much all for now.

Thanks to Squid at Limerickblogger for adding my blogs :)

Happy crafting folks.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More Stash!! (oh my poor wallet)

I stopped by Lena's after collecting my poorly blond bombshell from my father's.

I only went in for sock yarn.


And I came out with........

Debbie Bliss "Coastlines"
Pattern support for Debbie Bliss Pure Cottton, Stella, Pure Silk, Rialto DK and Cathay

Wendy Happy 4 Ply
in Taurus Shade 2507 lot 222/109
100g, 75% Bamboo, 25% Nylon
Machine Wash 30'

Free pattern received with Wendy Happy 4 ply
Got 2 - 1 per skein - I'll donate one to Rainbow S'n'B

Meg's saw the yarn below and positively drooled over it (figuritively you understand, no mopping of the aisles required). So, I duly added it to my ever eclectic basket of yarn related goodies.

Drift DK by Tivoli
Shade No. 251 Dye Lot 851
100g, 100% Acrylic, Machine Wash 40'

Megs's now has a stash of her own!

See below for her eye tingling choice of scarf yarn for her bezzie mate Shauna.

Double Knit Special by Stylecraft

in Jaffa (left) Shade 1256 Dye 38272
& Fiesta (right) Shade 1257
Dye 37748
100g balls, 100% Acrylic, Machine washable, cool tumble dry

Pyrm DPN's in sizes 4.0mm & 4.5mm
Assorted trimmings to decorate Meg's scarf

And on a completely random tangent........

Check out our double yoked egg. First time I've seen this.

Cool or gross depending on your constitution

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Current Project & Directions to Rainbow Stitch'n'Bitch

My current work in progress

It's essentially a big sampler of different stitches

Diagonal Lace Rib
Hayfield Bonus DK Extra Value 100g 100% Acrylic
Issue 47 - November Simply Knitting

I finally found the name of the first stitch I used for the blanket. It's Diagonal Lace Rib as pictured above.

.......OMG!! Megs just washed the cats!!! They now look like drowned rats. Oh the poor dears. Sorry. I literally just had an "Oh look a kitty moment." .....

Now...um....ooh yes.....blanket. It's coming along nicely. Not exactly a portable knit at this point, but I still stuff it in my back pack in case the chance to work on it arises during my day.

Braid Cable
Hayfield Bonus DK Extra Value 100g 100% Acrylic
Issue 28 - December of Knit Today

Open Ladder Work
Hayfield Bonus DK Extra Value 100g 100% Acrylic
Issue 29 - Spring of Simply Knitting

Keyhole Cable
Hayfield Bonus DK Extra Value 100g 100% Acrylic
Issue 28 - December of Knit Today

Honeycomb Lace
Issue 46 - July of Simply Knitting
Hayfield Bonus DK Extra Value 100g 100% Acrylic Shade 0961 Lot 93989

This stitch pattern is from Issue 46 - July of Simply Knitting. It forms a part of the blanket you see in the picture below and has been knit using Hayfield Bonus DK Extra Value 100% acrylic yarn Shade 0961 Lot 93989. It's quite a nice soft acrylic and since it can deal with being machine washed and tumble dried without having a breakdown it suits its intended purpose. Its intended purpose it of course to be thrown on a couch (or wherever the recipient decides to place it). The intended recipient has a family full of boys so I figure the easier it is to care for the more likely it is to get used and not stored away in a drawer somewhere.

The kittens have ventured forth

And what's this??......

They've upset one of the residents!

Now, due to popular demand, a pictorial guide to Rainbow Stitch'n'Bitch a.k.a. Directions!! :D

First get thyselves to Hartstonge Street in Limerick city which is sandwiched between O'Connell Street and Pery Square.

Leamy House is the BIG red brick building which will be on your right hand side if you approach from O'Connell Street and on your left hand side if you come from Pery Square.

It's not the dinky little red brick beside it which houses the amusements arcade!!

Once you're in front of the right building you'll see a view very similar to the one in the picture below.

The view of Leamy House from just inside the main gates.

This is the view from just inside the main door

Head up the stairs that you see in front of you.

Keep heading up the stairs. You'll see these posters on the wall ahead of you. Keep going.

You'll see a door ahead that's propped open by a fire extinguisher. I kid thee not. Keep going and head through this door and you'll see.....

The world's smallest sign for Rainbow Support Services which is home to our merry band of crafters. Keep on going and you'll see........

Yet more stairs!!!!! Have I mentioned that attending the Stitch'n'Bitch doubles up as a cardiovascular workout?? No?!

Heh heh. Well it does! So be prepared and wear sensible shoes. :)

....keep going up the narrow and winding staircase........

Keep the faith and you'll eventually see the landing outside the drop-in. The bucket says Red Ribbon Project. It's Rainbow's sister project.

Once you reach the landing you'll see our library...along with a box of delph that we're in the process of finding storage for. The blue door on the left is your ultimate destination and houses the RSS Drop-in a.k.a. comfy sofas!!

Failing these awesome pictorial directions e-mail me at craftyrainbowhead @ gmail . com and I'll give you my mobile so you can give me a buzz and I'll trot down and meet you. Deal?